Glands, Exocrine glands, How exocrine system works? Types of exocrine glands, in best way(1)

Glands, Exocrine glands A glands is a type of small sac found inside our body in which enzymes and hormones are filled. Or, the storage of enzymes and hormones is called glands. On this basis, the glands are divided into three parts, the first exocrine glands, the second endocrine glands and the third mixed glands. … Read more

Important notes of DNA and RNA, How DNA & RNA works, In easy language(1)

DNA and RNA Mitochondria, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum and nucleus are found inside a cell. Chromosomes are found inside the nucleus and DNA is found inside chromosomes. The number of chromosomes is different in different organisms such as the number of chromosomes in humans is 46 and the number of chromosomes in bacteria is 1. DNA … Read more

Endocrine system, Glands of endocrine system, How endocrine system works, in best way(1)

Endocrine system Endocrine system is made up of glands, the endocrine gland works to secrete hormones. It is a ductless gland from which it releases hormones directly into the bloodstream. Endocrine system produces hormones (chemical messenger) that act on the target tissue and organs, where they influence growth and metabolism. These glands do not have … Read more

Leaves, Stomata, Chlorophyll, Vein, Short notes on leaf, Explain leaf with the best notes(1)

Leaves, Stomata, Chlorophyll, Vein, Stomata The tiny pores found in the leaves are called stomata, which plays an important role in the exchange of gases, means the exchange of gases in the leaves occurs through stomata such as carbon dioxide from oxygen. Starch is found in the stomata, if you want to know whether there … Read more

Botany, Root, Stem, Types of stems, Aerial stem, Sub-aerial stem, Underground stem, with the best example(1)

Botany In the earlier article, we had read about the cell, what is a cell and Organelles of cell. If you have not read that article, then go and read that article first. In this article we are going to read about the Botany, in botany we discussed about plants. Theophrastus is called the father … Read more