The drug price control order – with best notes(1)

Drug price control order The drug price control order implements by central government to control and manage the prices of essential medicines. It’s played a major role in ensure that essential medicines are affordable to the general public. The main purpose of DPCO is to prevent unfair pricing practices by pharmaceutical companies. Objectives of DPCO … Read more

Narcotics and psychotropic drugs substance – 1985

Narcotics and psychotropic drugs substance In 1985, the focus was on addressing the problem of narcotics and psychotropic drugs. The term “narcotic” refers to drugs that have the potential for abuse and can lead to addiction or dependence. These include opioids such as heroin, morphine, and codeine. On the other hand, “psychotropic drugs” are substances … Read more

The Drug and Magic Remedies act (1954)

The Drug and Magic Remedies act (1954) The Drug and Magic Remedies Act of 1954 assumes a pivotal role in upholding transparency within the pharmaceutical sector. It establishes stringent guidelines to prohibit the dissemination of misleading claims or false advertisements pertaining to drugs and magical remedies. Objective The primary objective of the act is to … Read more

Bonded and non-bonded manufacturing – a comprehensive guide(1)

Bonded and non-bonded manufacturing Manufacturing processes can be categorized into bonded and non-bonded manufacturing, each presenting distinct methods in the realm of production and supply chain management. Bonded manufacturing It means the premises or any part of the premises approved and licensed for the mfg. and storage of medicinal & toilet preparation containing alcohol or … Read more

Medicinal and toilet preparation act 1955 – comprehensive guide

Medicinal and toilet preparation act Introduction The medicinal and toilet preparation act was passed in 1955 and rules comes in 1957. It provides the levy and collection of duties of excessive on medical & toilet preparation containing, alcohol, opium, hemp and other narcotic drug. Objectives 1. To provide for collection of leave and duties in … Read more