The Drug and Magic Remedies act (1954)

The Drug and Magic Remedies act (1954) The Drug and Magic Remedies Act of 1954 assumes a pivotal role in upholding transparency within the pharmaceutical sector. It establishes stringent guidelines to prohibit the dissemination of misleading claims or false advertisements pertaining to drugs and magical remedies. Objective The primary objective of the act is to … Read more

Bonded and non-bonded manufacturing – a comprehensive guide(1)

Bonded and non-bonded manufacturing Manufacturing processes can be categorized into bonded and non-bonded manufacturing, each presenting distinct methods in the realm of production and supply chain management. Bonded manufacturing It means the premises or any part of the premises approved and licensed for the mfg. and storage of medicinal & toilet preparation containing alcohol or … Read more

Medicinal and toilet preparation act 1955 – comprehensive guide

Medicinal and toilet preparation act Introduction The medicinal and toilet preparation act was passed in 1955 and rules comes in 1957. It provides the levy and collection of duties of excessive on medical & toilet preparation containing, alcohol, opium, hemp and other narcotic drug. Objectives 1. To provide for collection of leave and duties in … Read more

Pharmacy Act 1948 – mimprovement

Pharmacy Act 1948 The Pharmacy Act 1948 is a significant legislation that has greatly impacted the field of pharmacy in India. Enacted with the aim to regulate the pharmacy profession and ensure the quality safety, and efficacy of medicines, this act has been instrumental in shaping the pharmaceutical Landscape in the country. Under the Pharmacy … Read more

Resins: curcumin and podophyllotoxin

Resins: curcumin and podophyllotoxin Resins Resins are semi-solid, amorphous product delivered from natural living sources and mostly from the plant origin. They are mixture of essential oils, oxygenated products of terpene and carboxylic acids found in exudation from the trunk of various trees. They are transparent and translucent solids, semi solids or liquid substance containing … Read more