Identification of bacteria using staining technique, Importance of staining, Types of staining – Simple staining, Gram staining, Acid fast staining(1)

Identification of bacteria using staining technique Staining(Identification of bacteria) It is a technique, in which we identified the bacteria by using different technique. In nature, two different types of bacteria are present and which cause different two disease, the bacteria are small in size and we cannot see them necked eye. So, with the help … Read more

Isolation and preservation method of pure culture, Pure culture with the best notes(1)

Isolation and preservation method of pure culture Isolation of pure culture A culture media, which contain more than one kind of microorganism is called mixed culture media. A culture media that contain only one kind of microorganism is called a pure culture. Isolation is the separating of particular microorganism from the mixed culture ‘or’ The … Read more

Culture media: Types, Nutritional requirement, Raw material, Factor affecting of bacterial growth

Culture media Culture media is that nutrition medium in which bacteria is grow. Culture media contains all essential materials which is required for growth and development. All different types of bacteria cannot be grown in a single culture medium so different types of culture mediums are used for growth of different bacteria. We need this … Read more

Bacteria, Structure of bacteria, Morphological classification of bacteria, best notes on bacteria(1)

Bacteria Bacteria from a large group of unicellular prokaryotic cells that don’t contain nuclei and other membrane-bound organelles. They were first absorbed by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in 1676 using a single-lens microscope. A microscope of his own design, called “Animalcule.” There are mainly two groups of bacteria: Archaebacteria and Eubacteria. They are various shapes, like … Read more

Scope and importance of microbiology, Classification of microbiology, in best way(1)

Scope and importance of microbiology These are some main scope and importance of microbiology 1. Production of antibiotic:- Antibiotic are capable of inhibiting the growth of micro-organism. Antibiotic mainly two types: first bacteriostatic (Inhibit the growth of micro-organism) and second bactericidal (kill the bacteria). 2. Production of enzymes, vaccine and alcohol:- List of micro-organisms, which … Read more