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Definition and scope of pharmaceutical analysis Pharmaceutical analysis is a branch of chemistry which is a involves the application of analytical procedures to ensure the purity, quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. It involves qualitative and quantitative analysis that consist of series of procedures for identification, determination, quantitation and purification.The measure application of pharmaceutical analysis … Read more

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Biomolecules All the carbon compounds contained in a living tissue are called biomolecules. But here comes a problem, CO2 is also present inside a tissue which is an inorganic carbon compound and it is not a biomolecule, so this definition would be wrong. Therefore, its correct defamation would be, all the organic carbon compounds inside … Read more

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Complexometric titration A complexometric titration is a type of titration that is used to determine the concentration of an analyte in a solution. It is also called an analytical titration. The analyte being tested will have a ligand that binds to the analyte, and this ligand will be dissolved in the solution being tested. The … Read more

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Precipitation Precipitation titrations are used to determine the concentration of a dissolved substance. The experiment is a laboratory technique to qualitatively determine the concentration of an unknown dissolved substance. In a precipitation titration, one unknown solution is added dropwise to another solution until the end point is reached. Precipitation Titration: A laboratory technique in which … Read more

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Molarity The most commonly used in expressing of concentration is concentration molarity. The molar concentration is  defined as number of moles of solute present in exactly 1L of solutions. Example of molar concentration Explanation of example:- First of all we find out the molar mass of H2SO4 so we get 98.1g/mol. Second step of we … Read more