Precipitation, Precipitation titrations, precipitate(ppt), Theory of Precipitation titrations(1), In simple way

Precipitation Precipitation titrations are used to determine the concentration of a dissolved substance. The experiment is a laboratory technique to qualitatively determine the concentration of an unknown dissolved substance. In a precipitation titration, one unknown solution is added dropwise to another solution until the end point is reached. Precipitation Titration: A laboratory technique in which … Read more

Gravimetric analysis, Precipitate, Full concept of gravimetric analysis, In simple way(1)

Gravimetric analysis Gravimetric analysis is a type of quantitative analysis in which the substances (element, ion or radical) to the determined is recovered into a pure stable compound of known composition in the form of insoluble precipitate which can be wait directly for quantification.The weight of constituent (element ion or radical) in the sample can … Read more