Objective question of chapter 1 Electrostatic class 12, MCQ of class 12 physics, in easy way

Objective question of chapter 1 Electrostatic class 12 By clicking on the link given below, you can give a mock test to know how many questions you have corrected and how many questions you have done wrong. Please give this mock test. 1. The value of the electric charge at any point is: (किसी बिंदु … Read more

Glycolysis, Respiration, process of glycolysis in step wise, Glycolysis in best way(1)

Glycolysis The breakdown of glucose is called respiration. When glucose is broken down to form energy, the process by which it is done is called respiration. Glycolysis is the first step of respiration, so let’s know about glycolysis:- Glycolysis as its name suggests, the process of breakdown of glucose is called glycolysis. There are some … Read more

Chemistry of hydrogen, Preparation of hydrogen, Properties of hydrogen, Explain hydrogen with the best notes(1)

Chemistry of hydrogen Chemistry of hydrogen, Hydrogen was discovered in 1766 by Henry Cavendish, whose atomic number is 1. The electronic configuration of hydrogen is 1S1. If we talk about isotopes of hydrogen, then it has three major isotopes First(1H1 – protium), second(1H2 – deuterium), third(1H3 – tritium). Preparation of hydrogen 1. Electrolysis of water:- … Read more

Acid and Base, Arrhenius concept, Bronsted-Lowry concept, Lewis concept, In best way(1)

Acid and Base Arrhenius concept The concept of acid and base was the first introduced by Arrhenius. According to Arrhenius theory, an acid may be defined as any hydrogen containing substance which gives H⁺ ions in aqueous solution. A base may be defined as a substance containing hydril groups or groups complete of providing hydroxide … Read more

Molarity, Example of molarity, In best and simple way(1)

Molarity The most commonly used in expressing of concentration is concentration molarity. The molar concentration is  defined as number of moles of solute present in exactly 1L of solutions. Example of molar concentration Explanation of example:- First of all we find out the molar mass of H2SO4 so we get 98.1g/mol. Second step of we … Read more