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Tissue are the group of cell with similar structure and functions and extracellular substance(matrix). Tissue is the very important part in our whole body. so let’s start the today’s topic. Study of tissue and it’s functions are called Histology.

Types of tissue

Then I’m talking about types of tissue so four types of tissue 1.epithelial tissue, 2.connective tissue, 3.muscular tissue, 4.nervous tissue. Now I’m going to talk about epithelial tissue,

Epithelial tissue:-

This type of tissue covers the body and lines the cavities hello organs and use. It is also found in glands. In epithelial tissue cells are packed very closely and provide support. Epithelial tissue has nerve supply but not blood supply.

Epithelial tissue

Epithelial tissue have two types 1. simple epithelial tissue, 2.stratified epithelial tissue. Simple Epithelial tissue is a one layer of cells it is present in the stomach, intestine and Stratified epithelial tissue is made a many layers of cell it is present in nasal cavity and trachea.

Image of epithelial tissue
Functions of epithelial tissue

Now I’m talking about functions of epithelial tissue:- main function of epithelial tissue is to provide support to cells, It’s second main function is absorption, when exchange of substances occur, and act as a barrier.

Connective tissue:-

As its name or serves to connect any cells. Connective tissue are named because of their special function of linking and supporting other tissues/organs of the body. 

connective tissue

Now I’m talking about functions of connective tissue. It’s main function is binding and providing structural support like mesenchyme bone and blood.

functions of connective tissue
cartilage, tissue

Muscular tissue:-

consists of muscle cells called a muscle fibers which contain long protein filaments called myofibrils that allow the cells to contract and produce body movement. Location:- attached to bones in the walls of hollow internal organs.

Image of Muscular tissue

Nervous tissue:-

Found in the brain spinal cord and nervous. Consists of the cell called neurons that are sensitive to change in the environment and within the body. Resulting in generating and transmitting nerve impulses through their nerve fibers.

Image of nervous tissue

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