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Gravimetric analysis

Gravimetric analysis is a type of quantitative analysis in which the substances (element, ion or radical) to the determined is recovered into a pure stable compound of known composition in the form of insoluble precipitate which can be wait directly for quantification.
The weight of constituent (element ion or radical) in the sample can be calculated from the weight of product.
Note:- gravimetric analysis is differ from precipitate titration as:-
1. Precipitate obtained is separated drying finally weighing to estimate the substance to be analysed.
2. In precipitation titration precipitate obtained is directly estimated with the help of suitable standard as titrant and amount of substance present is estimated using equivalent factor involved.

Gravimetric analysis

Advantage of gravimetric analysis over other analytical methods:-

1. This method don’t requires any reference substance for estimation of desired compound.
2. Accurate and precise result using modern analytical balances.
3. Filtrate obtained can be examined for impurities or incomplete precipitation, therefore errors can be minimized.
4. Method is an expensive as compared to other analytical methods.


1. Time consuming for estimating desired substances.
2. Chance of errors due to incomplete precipitation.
3. Microscopic methods, example requires a relatively large quantities of sample.

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