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Introduction to content marketing

The previous article we’ve actually went ahead and learn everything about Digital marketing. But what do we need more to actually do digital marketing rather than just creating a website because static website is not going to help you at all other than just you know showing your services and if you want to send traffic to those pages definitely you know you can generate some leads, but what if there is one more method which is the cheapest of all the digital marketing methods out there? That is content marketing and, in this article, we are going to talk about the introduction to content marketing and in the further article coming up we are going to talk in detail about what all do you need to understand about content marketing and you know getting results from it. So, let’s get started.

Introduction to content marketing
Introduction to content marketing

One of the cheapest marketing methods

It is one of the cheapest marketing methods out there and as the word content marketing indicates that the content has to be created and where would you create that content well you first have to create a website if not website then you can obviously also create content on different social media platforms or email marketing. You can do email marketing as well and create content for your subscribers but for that you’ll have to generate some lead on generating leads is on the main business goals of content marketing and why it is the cheapest is because there are some ways for getting traffic to your website and getting eyes to read your content without spending any advertising costs and I told you about them that these are SEO and SMO and then you know  you can be engaged in networks online and built relationships build, build network with people who are your target audiences but we are going to talk about that in more detail in the coming article. Introduction to content marketing

Positions your brand on the market

Why actually content marketing well content marketing positions your brand on the market. Just imagine, if there is a website who just list its services and there is another website who is listing these services but also explain to the world why there is actually better than the others and how they service can actually help them, and how your product is better in comparison to the other competitors, and how it helps solving the problems in the target audience. Who would you let more with and would you decide to do business with obviously the second one, that is why content marketing is so much important because it positions you as an authority in the market and you can use those authorities to actually get more leads and sales for your business. A brand continuously who consistently create content and distribute content and get peoples to read about the content are actually performing a lot better than the other competitors out there in the world who don’t have an online presence who don’t engage with their target audience using the online medium but with digital marketing that is what the goal is. Introduction to content marketing.

way back in late 90s: Static websites

So you know way back in late 90s the content marketing was still there but people used to create static websites and they then used to wait for people to come and contact them well at that time the number of websites used to be very less but in today’s world you know the number of websites is actually use if you want to see that I have actually something open for you.

This is a website called internetlivestats and you can see that. There are this much number of internet users in the world this much total number of website and see how the website count is increasing, every count is increasing so you can see the how many emails have been sent today just today, how many blog posts have been written, how many tweets are sent, how many Google searches have been done and how many video views have been done.  You can see how the internet traffic see this much GB of traffic and electricity used in. But I want to show that creating videos is also content, creating Instagram post is also content, creating Twitter post, Facebook post is also content and sending emails also content and writing blog post is also content. Well, how would you decide like you know what would you have to do to get more ice to your brand to generate more leads if you are a student of something if you have just been opened a website to practice digital marketing which is one of our goals with this article  what would you do well you could choose a niche. We are going to talk about that you could choose a niche market about which you are interested to learn about and then you can share your learning on the blog that way somebody who is behind you in the journey is going to actually consider you expert because you have taken that next step. So, I will talk about that in the coming article about the niche research,  like how it should you choose, you are interested in a niche or not. Introduction to content marketing.

Today: Dynamic communication is needed with the target group

In today’s world daily dynamic communication is treated with the target group static websites want work. You need to engage with your subscriber and the best way to do that is you guessed it write a blog. You must have seen people you know commenting on blog,  sharing them on social media right and the threads that actually continue on the comment actual real people talking about your blog article or topic related to it in the comments section and this is how we build community on your blog. What do you do actually with the blog you publish new content regularly, you gain traffic to your blog from different channels and mediums obviously you can do it using SEO, you can do it using SMO, you can use paid advertising methods and there are some more methods like you can get a people from question answer websites like other forums, you can to the discussion there and you can get people to your website by sharing a link to your blog post which might help them? So, we are going to talk about that in the content distribution part as well in the coming article but what would happen if you people would come to your website, they will convert into leads for your business. Introduction to content marketing.

Introduction to content marketing, There are four steps for Introduction to content marketing.

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