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Today we are going to understand about Digital Marketing. A lot of people don’t tell you that, digital marketing is not some kind of technical thing to understand only, it involved a lot of technical staff but it is not just that. You need to be a clear in a mind that digital marketing is made up of marketing first and then comes digital. You need to understand how is the marketing works and only then you can use digital to implement digital marketing. So, let’s get started:-


marketing is the actually connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time to do what actually to services, right to build subscriber base, to build brand, to build followers. Now let’s talk about the traditional marketing first and why there is actually need to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Traditional marketing

Digital, Digital marketing, Traditional marketing, full information of digital marketing with the best example(1)
Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing actually happen using newspaper there are print ads in newspaper, they are steel today but how many people if you read re-newespaper today. So then there use to be pamphlets they are still there but obviously the number of pamphlets you see very less than you it uses to be the internet there. Then they use to be flyers, Bill Boards, Banners, Magazines. Magazines are still there but obviously a lot of magazines have their read use readership because a lot of people focus online advertising and you know watching online.


This is where the audience is nowadays. You are watching this note on a digital medium. So, you are obviously getting to know about digital marketing any one learning digital marketing on a digital medium itself. What use to be the traditional form of a marketing if you had to be learned it you must have to go to course, you must have to go to a tuition center may be an institution to learn digital marketing or any course that you are interested in but now you can do it from the comfort in your home and using the digital medium because this is where the people are mostly present nowadays.

Digital, Digital marketing, Traditional marketing, full information of digital marketing with the best example(1)

To just you give on example of few digital marketing platforms were engaged and spend their time online include Google when you have search to anything where do you actually go, forums this questions answers website this communities where like many people you have posted questions similar to what you are in and you can get a lot of answer out of those websites, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. If you talk about digital, you are here so obviously a lot of people who actually need to buy something online they are obviously present on this platform as well and while being present on this platforms brand you can actually go head in an engage with those people and convert those people from strangers to customers for like.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is simply marketing done digitally. But you need to remember marketing comes first digitally comes second. For marketing you need to understand human psychology, we need to understand why humans actually go ahead and buy things out because we are doing marketing to obviously sell something. So why do humans actually go at and buy things out, so I would like to tell you human beings actually spend money in the forward two things either they have a problem to solve and they will go ahead and you know spend money to solve that problem to decrease their pain. Example:- so just imagine the last thing that you bought may be online or offline like me bought shoes why did you buy them you bought that because you had the need you can’t walk barefoot. Human spend money to solve a problem and the second thing that enhance their interest online or offline. So, when you understand that why people buy stuff then you can actually go ahead and use the digital medium to build the customer base is a for yourself or for some client that you’re working or you are may be in a job. It is done by companies to endorse products services and brands. The things that a lot of people won’t tell you that digital marketing is marketing done digitally and need to understand human psychology first and then use the digital mediums to actually go ahead and you know take benefit of the digital channels you know that are actually not present nowadays in the traditional marketing methods and the reason for that is because a lot of people are not on the traditional marketing platforms nowadays and they are on the digital platforms and then you need to be actually where all the digital platforms you know where your audience is present and then we need to engage with that audience at the right place at the right time. I told you got in the marketing and this is actually help build a brand getting more revenue for your client or for yourself

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