Pharmacy Act 1948 – mimprovement

Pharmacy Act 1948 The Pharmacy Act 1948 is a significant legislation that has greatly impacted the field of pharmacy in India. Enacted with the aim to regulate the pharmacy profession and ensure the quality safety, and efficacy of medicines, this act has been instrumental in shaping the pharmaceutical Landscape in the country. Under the Pharmacy … Read more

Resins: curcumin and podophyllotoxin

Resins: curcumin and podophyllotoxin Resins Resins are semi-solid, amorphous product delivered from natural living sources and mostly from the plant origin. They are mixture of essential oils, oxygenated products of terpene and carboxylic acids found in exudation from the trunk of various trees. They are transparent and translucent solids, semi solids or liquid substance containing … Read more

Terpenoids: Menthol, Citral and Artemisinin – a comprehensive guide(1)

Terpenoids Terpenoids are also known as terpenes, are a large and diverse class of organic compounds produced by various plants, fungi and animals. Terpenoids are hydrocarbon of plant origin(naturally) of the general formula (C5H8). They are available in volatile oil like menthol, citral, artemisinin. Properties of terpenoids 1. It is a colorless substance.2. They are … Read more

Alkaloids: Atropine, Quinine, Reserpine and Caffeine – Extraction and isolation

Introduction of alkaloids Alkaloids are basic nitrogenous compound of plants or animals’ origin and possesses a pharmacological action. They contain nitrogen and mainly in heterocyclic ring. It is mainly derived from amino acids and founds in animals, fungi & bacteria. These are some drugs 1. Atropine It is a tropane alkaloid derived from the Atropa … Read more

Labelling of packaging of drug – in easy way

Labelling of packaging of drug The labelling of packaging for drugs serves multiple objectives and holds significant importance in the pharmaceutical industry. It not only provides essential information to healthcare professionals and patients but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. In this section, we will explore the objectives, importance, and types of labelling used in … Read more